Social Impact

Millions of people worldwide are trapped in poverty, due in part to their inability to access the benefits of large-scale, modern global shipping, the superhighway of global trade. Whether from lack of capital, insufficient market size, poor location, or lack of deepwater ports, the seas that once represented infinite freedom and opportunity for coastal communities have increasingly become an isolating barrier.

We want to reconnect people to the seas, and through them, the world.

Greenheart ships are designed to…

Provide affordable, flexible transportation infrastructure to the people that need it most

Greenheart is a transportation solution that is appropriately sized and priced for the needs and capabilities of the poorest island and coastal peoples. Our focus on affordability and infrastructure independent self-reliance allows for maximum output from minimal investment.

Transfer control of transportation into the hands of individuals

The best place for tools of the trade is in the hands of people that use them everyday, that know their own needs inside and out. Greenheart offers a core transportation tool that does not rely on heavy, expensive infrastructure and that is affordable enough to be owned, not just operated, by the people that will be using it everyday.

Facilitate delivery of basic services, such as education, health, and mail

With inexpensive, robust transportation not bound to the price of fuel, local businesses and government can provide the basic services that help lift people out of poverty and provide the foundations of further development.

Create jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities

Greenheart ships are designed to be affordable enough to be owned and operated by locals. To be flexible and robust enough to be used for just about any job. And, importantly, to be equipped with onboard solar electricity generation, modern navigation equipment, and internet access. We believe in the endless, untiring imagination and entrepreneurial skills of human beings, and look forward to being surprised by the innovative businesses and solutions they come up with once empowered with appropriate tools.

Strike back against constant urbanization and growing slums

Improved transportation, enhanced services, and more jobs and opportunities in rural communities all work to counteract the pressures on people to migrate to overburdened cities that are often already over 50% slum. With the right tools, we believe urbanization trends CAN be slowed, or even reversed.

Rebuild connections between isolated island and coastal communities

Increasingly, direct links between neighboring small islands are cut off and are replaced with roundabout routes through distant hubs due to the economic necessities of fueled shipping. Very often, right along with that loss of connectivity comes the loss of ties, of culture, of mutual support, and of opportunity. We believe these connections can and will be rebuilt when the right tools are put into the hands of local people.

Embrace and reinvigorate traditional culture

Historically, island and coastal peoples lived as much on the seas as on the land, and had a rich history of being some of the best sailors and navigators in the world. The present emptiness of the seas is more than a loss of transportation; it is a deep cultural wound. The opportunity to sail the winds and currents again is also an opportunity to bring back to life traditional skills, knowledge, and culture and pass it on to future generations.

Educate and transfer technologies

In addition to requiring the development or enhancement of sailing and navigation skills, as well as transport and commerce skills, vessels are equipped with various modern technologies, including robust solar electric systems and internet access. What better way to share the potential of such technology than owning and working with it every day?