spon1 Germanischer Lloyd (GL)
Germanischer Lloyd (GL) is dedicated to ensuring the safety of life and property at sea, and the prevention of pollution of the marine environment. As an independent third party, GL develops state of the art rules, procedures and guidance for ship owners, shipyards and the maritime supply industry in order to offer commercially sound answers in times of economic challenges and tight regulatory regimes. GL performs inspections on over 7,300 ships-in-service, representing more than 110 million gross tons, on a regular basis. With expertise in all aspects of shipping, GL maritime experts are advisors to governments, the IMO, flag states and port states.
spon2 Upsolar
Upsolar produces high-quality PV modules through its ”Excellence at Each Step” approach to manufacturing. The company’s renowned R&D capabilities and meticulous production processes enable Upsolar to provide the best available quality-to-cost ratio. Backed by exceptional warranties and insurance programs, Upsolar can guarantee its customers are making reliable PV investments. More info please check: www.upsolar.com
spon3 Iridium
Iridium commands the world’s furthest reaching network, making it the only truly global communications company with solutions that span from pole-to-pole. Iridium voice and data products provide superior communications solutions that allow global companies, government agencies and individuals to stay connected everywhere. With a unique, global ecosystem of partners, Iridium continues to create new, high-value capabilities that are leading the world into a new era of communication.
spon4 Western Marine Shipyard
Western Marine Shipyard is one of the leading shipyards in Bangladesh, and our gracious host for the prototype build process. The shipyard is committed to excellence in quality, management, health and safety for workers, and environmental impact, and has gained remarkably rapid global recognition since its founding in 2000. The folks of Western Marine have been encouraging us on since the moment we made contact, and the build we are embarking on might not have been possible without their enthusiastic support.
spon5 Deltadesh
Deltadesh is a Dutch-owned full-service consultancy and project management company focused on investment in Bangladesh who are helping Greenheart contract with shipbuilders in South Asia.
spon6 Dykstra Naval Architects
Dykstra Naval Architects is an international award-winning, sail-focused naval architecture firm and creator of the EcoLiner concept. Past designs include the
Maltese Falcon and Rainbow Warrior III.
spon6 Avel-Vor Technologie
Avel Vor Technologie is a French firm specializing in hybrid and modern wind propulsion for maritime vessels. Among other accomplishments, they are a key
contributor to the European INTERREG’s S@IL Project.
spon6 GreenFlow
GreenFlow, founded in July 2009, specializes in computer-assisted design and computational fluid dynamics for naval architecture. Their work includes energy efficiency and optimization of hydrodynamics for sailboats and multi-hulled racing boats as well as working vessels.
spon6 sustainableshipping.com
Sustainableshipping.com, one of the world’s best sources of up-to-date information on sustainability and trends in the global shipping industry.
spon7 Fair Transport
Fair Transport, a pioneering merchant sail company based out of the Netherlands that is presently making a successful business of transporting goods by sail, blazing a trail for the revolution to follow. (see Jorne’s TED Talk here)
spon8 B9 Shipping
B9 Shipping, a cutting-edge project based out of Britain that combines sail propulsion with biofuel technologies to push the envelope on the scale at which 100% renewable shipping can enter the markets.
spon9 Sailing for Sustainability
Sailing for Sustainability is an amazing project investigating how sailing technology can help sustainability and resiliency for small villages in Fiji.
spon10 Skype in the classroom
Skype in the classroom is a free and easy way for teachers to open up their classroom. Meet new people, talk to experts, share ideas and create amazing learning experiences with teachers from around the world.