Project Team

Design Team

Takeshi Kinoshita Prof. Takeshi Kinoshita: Lead Technical Advisor (Naval Architect)
Professor of Marine Hydrodynamics, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo. Kinoshita-san is keen sailor and a member of the Society of Naval Architects of Japan, as well as a member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects and Chartered Engineers.
Peter Schenzle: Technical Advisor (Naval Architect)
Peter has been among the world’s leading experts in industrial sail propulsion for many years. He is the inventor and lead architect of the Indosail System of sail propulsion used in Indonesia and a presenter at the First World Wind Energy Conference in Berlin. He also is an adviser for the HSVA, a maritime industries research and development group in Hamburg.
Seiichi Kunikata Seiichi Kunikata: Vessel Concept Lead
Author/illustrator of numerous articles and publications on sailing, who has sailed extensively, even as an instructor on a 90-foot schooner across the Pacific. Seiichi has contributed enormously to the project with his concept images, while he operates an atelier and writes for the publications. He is well-known among the sailing community in Japan.
Pat Utley Patrick Utley: Project Director
Our founder, Pat has managed international non-profits for over a decade, as well as sailing across the Pacific and involvement in sustainable development projects throughout the developing world. An experienced sailor, multilingual communicator with a wealth of experience in a multitude of industries: fisheries, forestry, agriculture, boat building, international cultural exchange, and an avid nature lover.
Haruhiko Kaku Haruhiko Kaku: Naval Architect
This avid sailor is the Executive officer and senior designer for DECK Inc., Japan, where he is responsible for yacht and marina design. Kaku-san has a M.Sc. in Coastal Engineering from the University of Florida and is a technical committee member for the Japan Sailing Federation.

Communications & Logistics Team

Benjamin Davis Benjamin Davis – Project Manager
Ben is a longtime volunteer who recently stepped up to give more time to Greenheart as project manager. He has a MSc in Sustainable Development from United Nations University, as well as years of experience working with local government and NGOs. Interests include regenerative agriculture, appropriate technology, and hackerspace/maker movement. He’s particularly passionate about ways in which increasing accessibility of empowering technologies can stimulate innovation on under-addressed issues around the world.
Michele Maurizzi Michele Maurizzi
Michele brings his long experience in Logistics, Purchasing & Operations, Project Management/Coordination throughout Europe, as well as overseas during which he was introduced to Greenheart in Japan. Now based in Bologna, he is delighted to have the chance to apply his skills to plan and problem-solve in the most meaningful manner with Greenheart, to create a real and lasting change.
Ben Gross Ben Gross
Ben was a pre-trial specialist for ship performance analysis mediation until 2010, focusing on ship tech, weather and contractual conditions / issues. Since 2010, he is the VP at Windgate Inc., aiding international business development in infrastructure, real estate and event management. With Greenheart from the beginning, his focus has been on organizational structure, promotion and strategy. Living in Berlin, the greenest capital in Europe.
Sebastian Leliveldt Sebastian Leliveldt
Growing up around travelling around the world, Seba has done a bit of sailing here and there. As a rigger, rope access technician and expo designer, he joined to provide logistics for european based trade shows and fairs, representing Greenheart on these venues. He’s proud to have built the first Greenheart vessel (in 1:25 scale), bringing our vision from the drawing board to the real world. In his spare time he flies glider planes, goes kayaking or tinkers with models and electronics.
jen Jennifer Teeter
While working for indigenous rights, as a lecturer at a university in Kyoto, and as an editor for Kyoto Journal, Jen has been contributing to Greenheart as a Media Campaign /Communication officer. She has also worked for Peace Boat and does Japanese- English translation. She is currently working on her Spanish and Ainu.
Steven Cleary Steven Cleary
Joining Greenheart at the end of 2012, Steven is contributing to the team as a communications operative with a keen interest in renewable energy technologies, strategic niche management, innovation and the role of institutions in socio-technical transitions to sustainability. He possesses a Masters in International Relations from Waseda University’s Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies and a Bachelor of Journalism from UQ, and experience working in journalism, training and development in Japan, Laos and Australia.
Paula Wulff Paula Wulff
Paula is a multilingual lawyer and researcher committed to defending the rights of those who are too often left without voices. She is particularly passionate about environmental justice, sustainable food systems, and the under-appreciated interdependence between people and their local environments. She holds an MSc in Environmental Governance from United Nations University and is trained in law in both Spain and France.

Support Team

Ian Gleadall Prof. Ian Gleadall
A member of the Japan Society of Fisheries Science and researcher on many aspects of the life of octopuses, including an ongoing octopus aquaculture project in partnership with Miyagi University, Tokai University, Gurumeito Ltd (Ishinomaki) and Hotland plc (parent company of Gindaco), Ian advises Greenheart on issues of ocean science, including fisheries management.
Jeremy Marham Jeremy Marnham
Our multi-lingual and multi-cultural director of the European Greenheart NGO, Jeremy presently works as a translator while rebuilding/remodeling an old farmhouse in the southwest of France.
Keiichiro Izawa Keiichiro Izawa
A native of Ibaraki, Japan, Keiichiro is a certified financial advisor and insurance broker, and the original volunteer manager of our first NGO entity that he was instrumental in setting up in Tokyo. He also runs a successful English school.
Chris Kozak Chris Kozak
Chris Kozak has been a passionate educator in Japan for over sixteen years. He holds a BMus from the University of Alberta, as well as several teaching qualifications. He is always finding new ways to integrate environmental awareness, history, science, and theory of knowledge into music education.
Joshua Bryant Joshua Bryant
Since his departure from the U.S., Josh has worked extensively in Bangladesh, as a manager for Monitoring and Evaluation, Product Development & Resource Mobilization on international programs to develop viable commercial structures for various NGOs, including UNFPA, USAID and ILO. He currently is actively pursuing his career in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Satoshi Shinozaki Satoshi Shinozaki
Working on the IT team, Satoshi’s experience with hardware/software and media firms in US as an engineer and a technical translator for 3M, CMP media, Medtronic, Canon USA, Digi International is invaluable. He’s also provided technical support for local Fair Trade organizations in the US and now extends that assistance to Greenheart. He also thinks he can play music, and does.
Florent Violain Florent Violent
Based in Nantes, Florent has been working in hydraulic pumps for almost 10 years, in several positions and countries: manufacturing in France, export sales in Latin America, energy audits in the UK and now in export sales on the African continent. He has a MSci in engineering of industrial processes. He has always been into sea related activities such as sailing, surfing etc.
Samantha Witte Samantha Witte
Sam is a Johns Hopkins SAIS graduate student focusing on the politics and economics of international energy. She joined Greenheart as a microfinance researcher to live out her passion for renewable energy financing, and to build on past experiences in microfinance. She spends her free time reconciling her German-Nigerian roots.
Isabelle Rojon
Isabelle is passionate about wind propulsion and wants to contribute to make shipping more environmentally-friendly. Her University of Utrecht Master thesis, on the drivers and barriers to the uptake of wind propulsion in international shipping has been presented at a number of international conferences. Isabelle now works as a Research and Editorial Executive at Fathom Shipping, writing about improving efficiency and environmental performance of the shipping industry.