Sea Mercy

Partnering with Sea Mercy

Exciting News: The Greenheart Project is pleased to announce a budding collaboration with another non-profit organization, Sea Mercy (, that has earned our utmost respect for their track record in delivering health care and disaster relief assistance to island communities in the South Pacific…. and for their successful use of sail technology in their operations.

Sea Mercy’s mission is to be “the most effective preventive, curative, promotional and rehabilitative floating health care, disaster response, and economic development provider and service delivery mechanism to support the remote citizens of the island nations.” They intend to build a vessel that is capable of expanding the reach and volume of their services to a greater number of remote and under-served island communities, in an economical and sustainable way.

Both organizations believe Greenheart’s sail-solar hybrid designs to be perfect for such a vessel. We are delighted and honored to be partnering with an organization with so many overlapping goals, and looking forward to sharing exciting news soon!