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Sea Mercy

Partnering with Sea Mercy

Exciting News: The Greenheart Project is pleased to announce a budding collaboration with another non-profit organization, Sea Mercy (, that has earned our utmost respect for their track record in delivering health care and disaster relief assistance to island communities in the South Pacific…. and for their successful use of sail technology in their operations. Sea Mercy’s […]

new organic

New Greenheart Website!

Welcome to the Greenheart Project’s new website! What’s new on the site? Considerably more readable text Nifty scrollover image to explain the ship’s design Integrated a blog or two Sensible events page An interactive voyage map  Also check out our new design forum (now actually a forum!) to read and discuss further details about the ship design.   […]

Yes, she is facing the wrong way.

Building a scale model GH vessel

Hi! Volunteer Seba here. I want to tell you about a little friend we sometimes bring to conferences to help explain Greenheart: my 1/25th scale model of the ship! I like to tinker with things. Arduinos, model planes, the lot. I also do scene setting for a variety of theatrical venues and expos. When I […]

Pat in Chittagong

Laying Plans with the Shipyard

Just back from a flying visit to Chittagong, Bangladesh, where Greenheart got an enthusiastic reception.  It was my first time meeting the Western Marine Shipyard team in person (Gavin has been there before), and it was a thrill to shake hands, pat backs and put faces to the names and voices of the Internet.  You […]

Germanischer Lloyd

GL working with Greenheart

We are delighted to announce that Hamburg-based Germanischer Lloyd (GL), has recently joined our growing list of supporters and sponsors. GL will be working closely with our design team and Western Marine Shipyard in Chittagong to ensure that our Greenheart ships are built to a high standard and with low environmental impact. We also look […]