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Fiji Cyclone & Sail Cargo Relief Project Appeal

Greenheart sends its condolences to those affected by Cyclone Winston, now known as Fiji’s worst recorded cyclone, and hopes for a swift recovery. We will do what we can to support relief AND recovery efforts!

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(Image courtesy of ABC)

An appeal for support via Colin Philp.

In the aftermath of the super cyclone hit on the islands of Fiji, our good friends and IWSA supporters, the Fijian Voyaging Society and Uto ni Yalo Trust will be putting their traditional sailing vessel the SV Uto ni Yalo to work ferrying much needed reconstruction supplies to remote islands throughout the effected region. We hope you can help support these efforts to deliver these goods over the coming months on a sailing vessel designed to service these hard to reach communities in the Pacific.

ABC news reported on 21 March “Cyclone Winston – Fiji’s worst-recorded cyclone —swept across the island nation on February 20 killing more than 40 people and flattening communities. According to the government, an estimated 32,000 homes were left damaged or destroyed and 350,000 people have been affected by the cyclone.” They are currently facing two more cyclones in the next few days.…/fiji-extends-state-of-disas…/7264482

The Uto ni Yalo Trust coordinator, Colin Philp explained the following:

“The past few weeks has been spent on repairs and crew training in preparation to join the relief effort. Initially there has been a huge rush to help those in need in the outer islands. We feel that the Trust can be more useful in the medium to long term when those currently providing valuable assistance return home. By using local knowledge and working closely with strategic partners to target our assistance to areas most in need of attention. We are carrying out our first outer island trip with building materials and supplies next week in conjunction with our National Olympic Committee. Levuka produces some of the best weightlifters in the Pacific and their gym was totally destroyed in the cyclone. This gym is also used as the national training centre and has produced many international standard weight lifters including several Commonwealth Games medalists and even Olympic standard lifters. Next we will be working on visiting other islands in the Lomaiviti Group including Koro, Mokogai, Batiki, Nairai and Moturiki then there is interest in the Uto ni Yalo also going as far as Vanuabalavu to drop off supplies in conjunction with the Methodist Church Headquarters team.

We are looking for donations to help cover costs for our core crew of 6 (including the skipper) allowances for travel, communications etc plus food for crew and visitors on board that come along from the various NGO’s to help distribute the supplies. Please follow our activities on our Facebook page and do share this with others in your network who might be willing to assist us in helping those in need in the outer islands.”

Vinaka vaka levu

Colin Philp

IWSA is supporting this call for help and we will be forwarding 100% of all donations received through our paypal donation link in a lump sum to the Uto Ni Yalo Trust so we can reduce bank transfer fees. If you would like to make a donation, please click on the link below or use the same link half way down the IWSA home page.…

If you would prefer to make a donation directly to the trust, we can supply you with the bank transfer details or you can contact the trust directly, through Colin Philp or through the FIVS facebook page on the link above.

We will post updates over the coming months and your support is greatly appreciated.