Beach Docking with CG Ship (v5 - single mast)

Greenheart Project for Sustainable Shipping – The 2013 Organic Ideas That Matter Giveaway Winner

Greenheart Ship

“Our first ship build is now underway and our project to provide affordable, low impact and flexible sea transport to millions is blossoming – now … we will be able to deliver that message much more effectively around the world.”

New York, NY June 27, 2013

The Organic Ideas that Matter Giveaway ( launched on January 1, 2013. Participants from across the globe were invited to participate and share their ideas that matter, big or small, about a product, service, offering, work of art, concept, solution, cause, revolution, movement or mission that they wanted to take from passion to action in 2013. What is an Idea That Matters? This video explains it all:

After a very thorough, challenging and emotional deliberation process, the Greenheart Project was declared the unanimous winner due to the significant social, environmental and economical impact this idea could have on the world. Greenheart is a completely fuel-free, sail- and solar-powered small ship specially designed to provide marginalized coastal communities around the world with an affordable means of sustainable marine transport. The ship can also serve as a mobile solar power station when in port. Originally based in Tokyo, Japan, and now also with offices in Europe, the Greenheart Project is currently building its first ship in Bangladesh.

“While we received many submissions that moved, motivated, touched, educated and amused us, and that demonstrated a significant potential for making a meaningful, positive impact on the world, the entire project team agreed that this was the idea that we wanted to dedicate our time to,” said Michelle Molin, Ideas That Matter Partner. She continued, “We are all incredibly excited about this collaboration and feel truly honored for the chance to help get such an amazing idea the attention that it deserves.”

Greenheart’s prize for their winning idea submission is the creation of a new custom video, website and mobile site that will live at to be developed by Organic Communications, the creators of Ideas that Matter giveaway.

“Our first ship build is now underway and our project to provide affordable, low impact and flexible sea transport to millions is blossoming – now with Michelle and the help of her Organic Communications team, we will be able to deliver that message much more effectively around the world,” said Greenheart’s Commercial Director Gavin Allwright.

“The new web and mobile sites and the motion graphic video will be designed to help Greenheart build an engaging and interactive online presence that is a direct extension of what the organization stands for,” Michelle continued. “Our goal is to create a powerful partnership between The Greenheart Project and Organic Communications that will ultimately result in more powerful partnerships between Greenheart and all of their current and prospective project recipients, contributors, sponsors and supporters.”

Director of Greenheart Project, Pat Utley said, “We always knew that we had an idea that mattered. What really matters to us now is getting that idea out to people who care about solutions so we can convert our idea into reality. The kudos, prize, and now the expertise of the Organic Communications people are heartening and timely. We’re proud to be working with them.”


Ideas that Matter (ITM) was created by a bunch of creative storytellers at Organic Communications with a shared drive to inspire using strategy, content, design and technology. Organic Communications is a strategic integrated marketing boutique founded in 2007, dedicated to helping clients build relationships through the development of distinctive and engaging communications strategies that ignite emotions, enhance connections and encourage growth, delivered via traditional and interactive marketing tactics. Areas of specialization include strategic planning, branding, logo design, interactive marketing, print advertising, collateral development, content development and biscotti baking.

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Contact: Michelle Molin, Organic Communications Director
P: +1-347-561-7686


Greenheart Project, an international non-profit organization founded in Tokyo, Japan, is building the world’s first fuel-free, container-ready commercial vessel. The small sail-solar ship is specially designed for use by communities in marginalized coastal communities and can serve as a mobile solar power station. It will be built in Chittagong, Bangladesh and launched as early as next year.

To learn more about Greenheart Project visit:

Rotterdam TOC

Rotterdam TOC Conference – Greenheart Booth A96

We will be at the annual TOC (Container Ship Conference) at the Rotterdam Ahoy Centre from 25-27 June.

Our booth is A96, right next to the press centre and we will have Greenheart video, short presentations, model display and our friendly faces on show. We will be talking about the small shipping sector developments, how will the smallest, blue ocean, container ship in the world  be able to plug into the existing network and how the Greenheart ships will spur innovation at the lower end of the trading web.

If you have the chance to join us, please take advantage of our complimentary invitation, that can be downloaded from here.

Complimentary TOC event invitations –

We look forward to seeing you there.

New Energy Docks

Amsterdam – Greenheart Event — 28th June

The Greenheart team is coming to Amsterdam on Friday, 28th June.

The event is kindly being hosted for us from 1700-2100 at the New Energy Docks, Distelweg 113, 1031 HD Amsterdam in central Amsterdam.

We will be outlining the developments in the Greenheart project, discussing developments in the small and large wind-ships sector and introducing ways NGO’s, Fair traders, companies and local government can get involved with our pilot projects in the South Pacific and Caribbean, port of call activities in Europe, the maiden voyage and business/investment opportunities.

1700-1800 Welcome / Drinks
1800-1845 The Greenheart Story – vision / project update / programs
1845-1900 Break/Networking
1900-1930 Ways to get Involved
1930-2000 Q/A on Sustainable Shipping, Greenheart programs, direct Fair trade, Windships, etc.
2000-2100 Further discussions / Networking / Drinks / Food

we have seating from between 30-50 people, so please let us know if you can make it:

We hope that you can join us and we look forward to seeing you there.

Event flyer


Hamburg – Greenheart Event – 02 July [Fairtraders, Sailors…]

The Greenheart team is coming to Hamburg on Tuesday, 02 July.

The event is kindly being hosted for us from 1800 until late at the Amphore Cafe, St Pauli

This event is for all those passionate about Fair trade, cooperatively owned ship, the marine environment, sailing folk  and small local businesses and groups who want to get involved in the city and beyond.
[There is a shipping industry, port and government event on Thursday 04 July]

It will be a relaxed evening talking about the Greenheart sail/solar ships, the wider sustainable shipping project, introducing ways that NGO’s, Fair traders and small companies can get involved with our pilot projects in the South Pacific and Caribbean, port of call activities in Europe and coming on board the maiden voyage next year.

1800-1900 Welcome / Drinks
1900-1945 The Greenheart Story – vision / project update / programs
2000-2030 Ways to get Involved
2030-2100 Q/A on Sustainable Shipping, Greenheart programs, direct Fair trade, Windships, etc.
2100 – Further discussions / Networking / Drinks / Food

We have seating from between 30-50 people, so please let us know if you can make it:

We hope that you can join us and we look forward to seeing you there.


Hamburg – Greenheart Event – 04 July [Shipping, Ports….]

Greenheart is holding it’s second event in Hamburg on Tuesday, 04 July. along with our co-organisers, BWE Hamburg

We have had a lot of interest in attending the events in the city, so we decided to arrange this one to cater to our friends in the shipping industry, local government, the region’s ports and maritime media. [We would like to thank the continued support of the Hamburg Senate, Hamburg Port Authority and Germanischer Lloyd in helping us to bring our first ship to the city next year.]

Date: 04 July (Thursday)
Time: 1800-2100
Location: Ecos Office Center Hamburg (nr Hamburg Bhf)
[Alsterblick Räume], Glockengießerwall 17 20095 Hamburg

We will present a Greenheart sail/solar ship project update, the wider sustainable shipping projects we are involved with, the development of the International Windships Association and introducing ways that the ports, shipping industry and local companies can get involved with Greenheart, our pilot projects in the South Pacific and Caribbean, Hamburg port of call activities and elsewhere in Europe and investment opportunities in the future of zero-emissions shipping.

1800-1830 Welcome / Drinks
1830-1915 The Greenheart Story – vision / project update / programs
1915-1930 Break/Networking
1930-2000 Ways to get Involved / investment opportunities
2000-2030 Q/A on Sustainable Shipping, Greenheart programs, International Windships Assoc. etc.
2030-2100 Further discussions / Networking / Drinks / Food

We have seating from between 40-60 people, so please let us know if you can make it:

We hope that you can join us and we look forward to seeing you there.

Eco Brighton

Brighton – Eco Technology Conference

A big thank you to everyone who attended the Greenheart presentation on Fairtrade and Sustainable Shipping.

The development of Fair, direct trade is something that is close to our hearts and I would like to thank Christine Gent (Brighton Fairtrade Coordination Committee) for inviting us and giving us a chance to talk about these issues.

One of the key challenges for the Fairtrade movement, and often one of the elephants in the room is the way to close the circle on ethical production, transport and consumption of goods, the use of Greenheart ships and the small but growing network of sustainable sail/hybrid cargo shipping is part of developing a solution.

The vision of hundreds, thousands of cooperatively owned and run ships, trading and returning benefits to the producer groups and communities is a powerful one. Creating regular transport links also creates additional space for farmers to invest more in producing surplus for market and will help local businesses to get involved with processing, trade and manufacturing.

The first and last mile of transporting goods is a significant obstacle in reducing the carbon footprint of traded goods, this is where the greatest kg/CO2 ratio is seen. Greenheart ships can get closer to farm or factory gate and deliver much closer to dinner plate in the hearts of our cities and micro-ports all around the world.

We will be launching a Fair trade shipping campaign soon, engaging with our two-year round the world Fair Trade education program, research on the impact of transport on Fair Trade, raising awareness of Fair trade issues internationally and helping to finance the first Greenheart ship – If you would like to be involved, please join us – contact

Thank you Brighton…. next stop Amsterdam – 28th June – 1700-2100. New Energy Docks, Distelweg 113, 1031 HD Amsterdam

Canary Wharf

MV Stubnitz Event in May

We had a great event on the MV Stubnitz moored at Canary Wharf for the last day. The crew were great, welcoming us and attending the event – thanks guys, they were incredibly helpful even when they were preparing to leave and had a survey team aboard. We are hoping to meet again when we get to Hamburg in early July.

Also a big thank you goes out to Lucy, Eleni and Alex from the New Dawn Traders who did a fantastic job of pulling everything together, we only had a short time to get things arranged, but they managed to pull everything off brilliantly and with a smile.

We kicked off the event with a shot of Tres Hombres rum, zero-carbon sail transported from the Dominican Republic, by lots of talk surrounding sustainable shipping, community ownership of vessels, ethical, fair and direct trade and what it takes for us to make this happen.

After a few short delays as the power was being checked on board, Gavin launched into the Greenheart story which went down really well. He obviously highlighted the Greenheart vessels and what they can do, but went on to talk about the real impact these ships can have on local economies, CO2 emissions, fuel saving and the employment and innovation space that they create.

After the break, Gavin focused briefly on all of the programs under way and how to the audience members could get involved:

1 – Maiden voyage – buying shares – US$100 per day to join as a crew member or moving cargo/trading or to get cargo discounts.

2 – Port-of-Call events – company booths, sponsorship etc.

3 – Pilot projects – Fiji, Haiti and beyond

4 – Financing Facility – developing a low cost financing facility for small sustainable ship building around the world.

5 – Commercial projects & Carbon credits – the early stages of developing these areas for co-financing

6 – Bigger picture – the Windships assoc. , research initiatives and education program for schools, universities.

We were running a bit late, mainly due to electrical checks by the crew, in preparation to set sail the following day, we still managed to have a short time for questions and a fair bit of time for drinks, good music and talk about the future of Greenheart and the return to sail/hybrid sea transport.

Those conversations have continued in the last couple of weeks and with the enthusiasm and excitement at the event about the progress we have made, the momentum will certainly continue in the coming months.

Canary Wharf

Gavin booth

A Week in Nantes – Forum, Booth, Presentation, Event…Great!

So on the back of our successful event on the Stubnitz, we moved on to a four day Greenheart presence in Nantes, which will be our main port of call in France. We had been invited to attend the 4th World Forum on Human Rights and Sustainable Development and the organisers provided us with a booth and their support. We decorated the booth with a traditional local sail, wooden rudder and our Sail Transport Network burgee, along with all of our supporters information – Upsolar roller, Germanischer Lloyd booklets, Western Marine Shipyard and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) /South Pacific project outline


The forum was a great chance to get our positive message out to the international audience and the hundreds of visitors to our booth were a real spread across the world, but as one might expect with a leaning towards the Francophone regions in West Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean all key areas where Greenheart ships can bring substantial benefits.

We were also able to have conversations with the Nantes local government, the European Green Capital team and the sailing community on top of all of the fantastic NGO’s that we met. Then in the afternoon sessions on the Friday, Pierre Johnson from Coherence Rio 20+, gave a really interesting presentation at the forum on the need for sustainable shipping as an example of where a new approach to economics and development is required. That all set up an interesting evening aboard the 100 year old Le Remorqueur, with some drinks in hand the audience were able to enjoy our presentation in both English (Gavin) and French (Florent) – as the venue is usually a late night bar/club, it was standing room only and it was the first time for that – definitely a different approach and a good atmosphere.


The debating/discussing/conspiring carried on aboard until the late evening, then into the wee hours on shore. The next day we had a final deluge of visitors to our booth, packed up things and left with the strong feeling that Nantes and the surrounding region is a natural place for us to visit and have port of call events and our arrival festival on our maiden voyage next year, but also to build long term ties and the development of Nantes based projects as we move forward in the coming months.