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The Idea
is to create a new type of low-cost, zero-emissions small cargo ships that use environmentally clean and sustainable sail and solar power, to provide needy coastal communities around the world with an affordable means of transport. Such ships can help impoverished coastal and island regions improve their standards of living, while preserving their traditions and protecting the environment. In addition, we will use the publicity generated by such an inspiring enterprise, to promote Fair Trade, renewable energy and international cooperation. Read more.

Mr.Kunikata's drawing of a possible vessel application in the developed world Mr.Kunikata's drawing of a possible vessel application in the developing world

The First Vessel
a prototype solar- and wind-powered sailing ship, will sail around the world, completely independent of fossil fuels, visiting both developed and developing countries on a multiple mission of sustainable development, environmental protection, Fair Trade and education. Read more

Our Mission
We at Greenheart are creating a new model of clean, cooperative and sustainable enterprise. We commit to supporting equally the environmental, social, and economic viability of our world by adhering to the principles of fairness and accountability in trade, respect and stewardship for the environment, and a charitable, global disposition. Our goal is to forge connections, both physical and institutional, among societies and economies the world around. Our first ship will serve as a unique platform to bring together organizations, institutions, governments and businesses with sincere desires to further sustainability for our planet. We will dedicate all our ships and their crews to promoting, by example, the practice of environmental protection, fair & equitable trade relations, and the responsible use of renewable resources.

Our Precious Earth

Hybrid Ship, Hybrid Objective
The Greenheart ship is designed to use both wind energy and solar energy, sometimes independently, sometimes in concert, to maneuver through a wide variety of conditions all around the world. This dual propulsion feature adds flexibility, safety and reliability to our operations. Likewise, our mission is a dual one. We are producing a new, non-polluting technology to occupy a niche in world shipping that will at the same time create the possibility for the neediest communities to overcome obstacles to their economic development. Our project recognizes the interdependence of the twin challenges of environmental degradation and widespread poverty, as highlighted in the UN World Economic and Social Survey 2009 and takes an integrated approach to their resolution.